Senior Sur

Functional projects for our elders.

Cover letter

Senior Sur arises from the concatenation of the experiences of people who know and belong to the industry and whose career, along with his full-time has been a leader in the field of geriatric care for many years.

They have lived the evolution of this sector to work on it, with the incorporation of designs and architectural projects with improved functionality and new technologies for the assistance they have improved the care they receive our elders.

Adaptation of buildings to people is what has been a new concept in health, careand services to our elders. In Senior Sur all through their team is a professionalrespect in the public and private sectors.

Senior Sur do not pay attention equally to all the greater because you have in mind that each has its peculiarities, both in their clinical conditions, care, food, diversity of religious beliefs or sexual orientation.

Senior Sur is ready to provide services required by the new application ingeriatrics the latest facilities such as ergonomics, specialized training to people who are caring

for elders, respect, tolerance and needs special attention to the mood of the people who are served by us.

Senior Sur integrates residents in their new environment, opening the doors of the buildings to the society where it is implemented, relating to its older residents of the community they belong, public authorities, citizens' organizations and various associations.

Senior Sur residents are active members of the community.

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