Respecting difference.


Senior Sur services tend to adapt the buildings to people, so they can beseparated into two areas:
a) Buildings constructed
Diagnosis: We collect and analyze key data to carry out a proper assessment ofany deficiencies.
Architecture: Study of the building in its entirety.
Computer: You have a computer and updated treatment center information makesit a more effective workplace.
Ergonomics: Offer technology applied to every problem.
Adaptation: Changes to make the building to accommodate the needs of residents.

b) Buildings to build
Advice: To implement a management model designed to optimize resources with special emphasis on quality, potential users, the functionality of the project, capital costs, financing and operation, indicators and quality systems, service portfolio and portfolio resources aimed at owners present a balanced income statement to make profitable investment.
Human Resources Optimization: In Senior Sur have the ability and experience to develop the most comprehensive solutions for managing the "human capital" main volcano on managing employee training to the needs of each job and performing a management skills that allow us to adjust the profiles of employees to their jobs, professional career planning within the company and at the same

workers time to assess in terms of fulfillment of its objectives.
Health: Senior Sur in the health care model is based our older users.
Animation: Services and special offers for the population with particular emphasis on leisure and recreation.
Food: We have an agreement with the leader in the food sector ARAMARK, cooking in our homes conforming to each type of resident respecting the beliefs of eachone as in the case of Muslims, vegetarians, etc., which have a way of different foods.
Respect for Diversity: Our social workers specialize in this line assessing andattending to every resident in their personal need, whether religious, sexual or family.

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